Everyone you meet is going to live forever, the only question is where. Your legacy can make the difference.
—Dr. R. Larry Moyer

Maximize your gifts for the greatest Kingdom impact.

  • There are nearly five billion non-Christians in the world today.
  • One in three millennials do not identify with any religious affiliation.

Now is the time to invest in future generations. This generation and the ones to follow need the testimony of Christ among chaos and crisis.

Leverage Your Gift with a variety of giving options:

  • Remember EvanTell in your will. Ask your attorney or estate plan provider to name EvanTell in your Last Will and Testament, Trust, or Estate Plan.

  • Designate EvanTell as a beneficiary of your qualified plan or retirement account (IRA).

  • Note: By naming EvanTell as a beneficiary of your IRA, it is not includable within the valuation of your estate for tax purposes.

  • Consider making a qualifying IRA Charitable Rollover gift. (Taxpayers age 70½ or older can give up to $100,000 from their IRAs and Roth IRAs to qualifying charities without having to pay income tax on the withdrawn amount.)

  • Note: Please be sure to discuss any IRA-related actions with your CPA, Financial or Professional Tax Advisor. EvanTell does not provide tax advice and encourages you to contact your professional tax advisor before acting.

  • Give a non-cash gift:
    • Donate vehicles (cars, boats, motorcycles, RVs)to EvanTell through Charity Motors.
    • Donate other non-cash items (real estate, business interests, oil & gas commodities, etc.) utilizing EvanTell’s partner— Waterstone or the financial planner of your choice.
  • Note: When you give a non-cash gift to EvanTell, WaterStone or Charity Motors gladly provides you with the receipt and immediate tax deduction while making sure the proceeds go directly to the ministry.

For more information contact alowrey@evantell.org or call 214-420-6327.

Build your legacy of faith and impact lives for eternity!