Overcoming Hypocrisy

How to Win the Battle for Authentic Evangelism

It can feel challenging to reach those who view Christianity as a religion full of hypocrites. However, not only is it possible, it is much simpler than you may think to handle the issue of hypocrisy in Christianity and evangelism. Below we have our live discussion on this very issue as well as articles and other videos that provide all you need to handle the issue of hypocrisy as you seek to reach others with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Browse the resources below to see how to handle the “all Christians are hypocrites” claim, how to deal with hypocrisy in our own hearts, and how to share the gospel with authenticity. After you look through the content below, you will be thoroughly equipped to handle the issue of hypocrisy in evangelism! Be sure to fill out the form below to get detailed notes to print and keep with you as well!

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Articles on hypocrisy in Chrisitianity and evangelism

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Learn how to share your faith authentically, even when grappling with personal struggles and feelings of hypocrisy in your Christian journey. Discover practical insights to navigate these challenges and effectively communicate the message of salvation with genuine sincerity.

family sitting outside, eating and talking at large table

“All Christians are Hypocrites” is a common accusation that is hard for many to respond to. You may want to jump straight to denial or to deflecting the question. However, that is not the best response when trying to evangelize to unbelievers. Get guidance on how to respond to the accusations of hypocrisy.

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If you share your faith on a regular basis, you have heard the following more than once, “Christians are hypocrites.” Some non-believers use that phrase to derail the conversation. However, that objection should also be a reminder to examine our lives. After all, I don’t want my hypocrisy to interfere with someone seeing Jesus.

Videos on hypocrisy in Christianity and evangelism

How do we deal with hypocrisy in Christianity and evangelism? What do you say and how to do you respond when someone says, “all christians are hypocrites?” Learn how to address this common statement with biblical truths. This short video will give you quick guidance on how to respond winsomely with gentleness and respect.

It’s not uncommon for people to wonder why Christians think Christianity is so special. If anything, their Christian friends seem a bit like hypocrites. So, why should they consider Christianity? Learn how to help somebody through this issue with these truths that show it’s not Christians that make Christianity special – it’s Christ!

Are Christians supposed to judge other people? Its a common question asked when facing hypocrisy and evangelism. Learn what Mathew 7 really says about judgment and how as Christians we should judge righteously, not hypocritically.