Evangelism Videos

Re-ignite your passion for evangelism

Videos that inspire you to share your faith

The moment has arrived to share Christ. What would it be like to fall in love with this moment? We have, and we want to share that passion with you. In these times, we all need reminders of what’s true, encouragement for the journey, and inspiration for the moment – especially in our conversations about Jesus. Find all you need below. 

Explaining the Gospel

Not sure what to say when presenting the gospel? Our “May I Ask You a Question?” content has been used to facilitate more than 42 million gospel presentations! Watch below to see it in visual form! You can choose between the modern or classic version. If you’d like tracts with this content, you can order them in a variety of options from our store.

Popular Evangelism Topics

Browse our videos below that cover several topics we get the most questions about throughout the year. Watch and be equipped and encouraged to share your faith more effectively!

Popular Topics on Belief, Faith, and the Bible

Interested in how to answer objections, what the Bible means by ‘believe’ and other popular questions? We cover multiple hot topics here. Browse below and get informed about your faith!