Evangelism Mobile Apps

get equipped and share your faith on the go!

Download our two apps for a simple way to share the gospel and get equipped in evangelism!

The CrossTalk™ app equips you to share the gospel with kids (or adults) in a fun and creative way through your smartphone. The app uses an interactive and animated version of CrossTalk, one of EvanTell’s clear and simple tools to share the gospel. 

The EvanTell Evangelism app provides instant access to all our online training courses, webinars, and several videos. It also provides you with updates around all of our upcoming in-person and online events! 

EvanTell Evangelism App

Evangelism App Evantell


  • Access to all online resources
  • Instantly share the gospel with a step-by-step presentation
  • Take any evangelism course (all free)
  • Watch any previous evangelism webinar
  • One-touch access to all blogs
  • Stay up to date and register for any upcoming events
  • Share content with friends and family easily

EvanTell CrossTalk App 


  • Easy Navigation through the gospel
  • Interactive step-by-step content
  • Colorful presentation and illustrations
  • Touch activated animation
  • Clear and simple presentation of the gospel
  • Resources for initial encouragement in discipleship for follow-up

About EvanTell

EvanTell has been training Christians to share the gospel for nearly 50 years. In that time, we have held more than 850,000 trainings and have facilitated 42,000,000 gospel presentations across 25 countries.

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