Discussing Deconstruction

Webinar and resources on deconstruction and evangelism

Deconstruction: Walking with those who are walking away.

Deconstruction continues to be a trending topic in Christian circles and understanding how to reach those struggling throught it is more important than ever.

What is deconstruction? How do I walk with someone who is reconsidering what is true about Christianity? How do I share my faith with someone who is examining Christianity with a critical eye? We’ve put together a wealth of resources below to walk you through answers to these questions and many more about deconstruction and evangelism. Watch our webinar, browse the articles, and watch the brief videos on this trending topic to help you engage with those who re-examining their faith or have been impacted with common deconstruction causes like church hurt, abuse, isolation and others. 

Webinar: Discussing Deconstruction

Articles on Desconstruction and Evangelism

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Videos on Deconstruction and Evangelism