Evangelism and Apathy

How to Share with those Who Don't Care

The lack of care or concern for spiritual things in our culture today is more prevalent than ever. How do you share with those who have no interest in hearing about the good news of the gospel? We discussed this in detail during our July 24 YouTube Live discussion: Evangelism and Apathy | How to Share with Those who Don’t Care. Check it out below to see how to examine our own hearts for signs of apathy, and how to reach the apathetic with the good news of Jesus Christ. Be sure to grab the notes from the discussion as well – this will be a helpful reference to come back to so you can stay equipped and ready in this age of apathy. Just fill out the form below to have them sent to your inbox. 

In addition to the YouTube Live discussion, we have several other videos and articles below to help you get and stay equipped. Check them all out!

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In a world characterized by hyper-distractions and apathy towards the gospel, Christians face unique challenges in their evangelistic efforts. By recognizing that apathetic individuals still seek fulfillment, readers are encouraged to engage in meaningful conversations by discovering what brings joy and meaning to others’ lives.

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Discover effective strategies for sharing the gospel with individuals who seem indifferent to matters of faith. Learn how God can work in unexpected ways to draw people to Himself when we practice prayer and patience in our actions.