Spiritual Warfare and Evangelism

Resources on Spiritual Warfare and Evangelism

Resources to Help You Stand Firm in Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare is a daily reality for everyone who has committed their lives to following Jesus. The battle is only intensified when we commit to pursuing the Great Commission.

Unfortunately, spiritual Warfare can often by a mysterious subject for Christians. What does warfare look like? How does our enemy attack? How do I make use of the armor of God? In these resources, we pull back the mystery by looking into the core elements of spiritual warfare with a specific focus on warfare in the midst of evangelism.

Below are a series of resources to help you fight the battle and walk with others who are standing firm in spiritual warfare. Take the course, watch the webinar, browse blogs, and view brief videos that cover the full spectrum of spiritual warfare. You’ll learn how to engage offensively and defensively in warfare and how to stand firm in the midst of the battle. You’ll also gain a better understanding of the armor of God as well as practical ways to equip yourself with each component and reach others for Christ. Check out the resources below and remove the mystery from spiritual warfare. 

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Spiritual Warfare and Evangelism | Full Course

 In this interactive course, you’ll get a tour the armor of God like never before and come away with a full understanding of how to share your faith effectively in the face of warfare. The first lesson is free, so click the button to check it out and learn more!

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Spiritual Warfare and Evangelism | 30-minute Webinar

In this webinar we provide a brief overview of spiritual warfare, why it exists, what schemes Satan seeks to employ, and some steps we can take to stand firm and share our faith. While not as comprehensive as the course, it provides a helpful primer to the topic. 

Articles on Spiritual Warfare and Evangelism

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Satan’s Strategies: How to Recognize and Respond

Knowing Satan’s schemes helps us to counter His attacks and adjust to move forward with God’s mission. Learn four of his schemes and how to respond to them in this blog.

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Hope in the Midst of Spiritual Warfare

The gospel holds the truth and hope we need to withstand spiritual warfare. Learn how to stay hopeful during spiritual warfare and use that hope to spread the gospel.

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lady praying with bible on a park bench

Spiritual Warfare and Evangelsm: Three Methods of Satan

Spiritual warfare is a reality for every follower of Jesus Christ. Learn three methods our enemy employs in the context of spiritual warfare in evangelism.

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Evangelism and Spiritual Warfare: How to Stand Your Ground

How to Stand Your Ground in Warfare

Standing your ground while sharing the gospel can be difficult, especially amid distractions. Learn how to have the right mindset and stay strong in keeping Christ at the center of your focus.

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Videos on Spiritual Warfare and Evangelism