The Evangelism Study Bible


Evangelism can mean different things to different people. For some, it’s something that requires special training or a calling from God. For others, it’s something only done in a church building or arena. And for some, it evokes emotions of guilt and shame for failing to be a vibrant witness to unbelievers. The Evangelism Study Bible puts the act of sharing the gospel in plain view, communicating the message with clarity and simplicity. 

A Study Bible that Gets to the Message
For more than forty years, EvanTell has focused on one mission: the gospel, clear and simple. Founded by Dr. R. Larry Moyer, EvanTell, Inc., touches millions of lives each year with evangelism materials, evangelism training, and outreach events. Now those four decades of experience in training believers to share the good news in a clear and simple fashion has been paired with the one essential tool for evangelism: God’s Word.The Evangelism Study Bible provides all the tools needed for sharing the gospel in a clear, simple, and guilt-free way.

Study Notes

Evangelism Tips

In-Depth Articles

Inspirational Devotionals

What You Get

BOOK INTRODUCTIONS that focus your attention on the evangelistic themes of each book.

IN-DEPTH ARTICLES that provide more extensive training on crucial issues in evangelism, such as apologetics, discipleship, and contextualization.

HANDY TOOLS that you’d expect in a complete study Bible, such as cross-references, a concordance, and full-color maps.

STUDY NOTES that allow you to dig into the gospel message as presented throughout the Bible as well as find what Scripture teaches about the practice of evangelism.

HOW-TO FEATURES that will help you develop a regular practice of evangelism.

EVANGELISM GLOSSARY with clear and simple definitions of evangelism terms.

EVANGELISM TIPS that will build your evangelistic skills and confidence.

DEVOTIONS that prompt you to continue developing your own relationship with Christ, the true foundation for any outreach.

EASY TO FOLLOW FORMAT in double-column style with text notes.


“EvanTell has put together the Evangelism Study Bible to equip you in evangelism with anyone anywhere.”

Tony Evans
President & Founder
The Urban Alternative

Anyone wanting to learn how to accurately open up biblical texts and apply them in an evangelistic setting will find this an indispensable resource.

Dr. J. Paul Nyquist
Moody Bible Institute

The witness of you, your small group, or your church would definitely be enhanced by making use of this equipping resource.

Dr. Haddon Robinson
Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

May God use the Evangelism Study Bible to help many explain the message of the Gospel clearly and help answer difficult questions correctly.

Mark Bailey
Dallas Theological Seminary

This Evangelism Study Bible brings together the instruction needed in evangelism in both the why and the how and does so with a refreshing and recurring theme — the need to make the gospel clear.

Bryant Wright
Senior Pastor
Johnson Ferry Baptist Church