How to Share Your Faith in a Cancel Culture

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Live out Your Faith in a Cancel Culture.

Culture has shifted dramatically over the past several years – and not in a good way. People who used to feel comfortable sharing their points of view and even their faith with family, co-workers, and friends are now hesitant to do so. They say that they fear being labeled, judged, misunderstood, or simply cancelled altogether. 

How do we share our faith in this kind of environment? Fortunately, there are several paths to consider. Below, we offer webinars, articles, and videos from ministry leaders and evangelism trainers on how you can have winsome, loving, and gospel-focused conversations in the midst of our cancel culture environment. Browse our resources below!

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Share Your Faith in Cancel Culture | 60-minute Webinar

this webinar discussion, we share ideas and tactics on how to live out your faith in a cancel culture. Watch to get equipped with the tools you need to stand firm in your faith and share the gospel even in the midst of a canceling society.

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Build Bridges in a Divisive Culture | 60-minute Webinar

Join us as we review the latest cultural trends and discuss how to be a bridge builder in our divisive society. At the end of our time together, you’ll be equipped to have winsome conversations that can help lead others to the truth of the gospel.

Articles on How to Share the Gospel in a Divisive Culture

Two friends having a conversation about the gospel

How Cancel Culture Impacts Our Desire to Share the Gospel

The rise of cancel culture has hit an all-time high, but what does this mean and how do you not let it affect your desire to share the gospel?

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African American woman on a crowded city sidewalk living out her faith.

How to Live out Your Faith in Cancel Culture

Christians are called to share the gospel even in the midst of a culture that does not readily welcome the truths of the gospel. But, Christians should seek to communicate and live out their faith in a cancel culture.

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Image of cross that resembles Jesus cancel and sacrifice.

When Jesus was Cancelled (and How it Impacts our Witness Now)

Learn how Jesus was canceled and how we should use His example as a reference on how to witness to others in today’ cancel culture. Equip yourself with the tools to apply the example Christ set in today’s world.

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Videos on the Gospel and Cancel Culture