How to Share the Gospel With Religious People

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Sharing with Religious People

We often assume that people with religious convictions will be difficult to talk to about Jesus. However, the opposite is true more often than not. With the right mindset and a few basic tactics, you can engage religious people for Christ in a way that makes them feel comfortable and keeps you confident throughout the conversation.

Learn about our premium course, watch the webinar replay, browse our articles and watch videos about how to share the gospel with religious people. These resources cover how to start the conversation, keep it going, and transition it toward the gospel.

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If you’re looking to feel more confident in having gospel conversations with someone for another religion, this course is designed for you! In addition to great teaching content, you’ll get an abundance of resources, including key verses to have in mind, what other religions teach about Jesus and salvation (with citations from their own works), conversation guides for other religions, and more!

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How to Share With Religious People | August 2022 Webinar Replay

Listen in to the webinar replay and learn how to start the conversation, keep it going, and transition it toward the gospel!

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