Conversational Evangelism

How to share Jesus without the awkwardness

Does sharing your faith have to be awkward?

Sharing your faith can get uncomfortable. Thinking of what to say, how to say it, when to speak, and when to listen – it can be overwhelming. Sometimes, you don’t know how to approach an opportunity to share Jesus and you just feel uncomfortable. But, sharing Jesus doesn’t always have to be this way.

If our God is personal and relational, how can we reflect who He is when we share the gospel?

Browse our resources below to learn how Christ-followers can share their faith in the everyday flow of life. You’ll learn what mindset we should have about evangelism, understand how to think conversationally as you build relationships and get practical steps to live out such truths through conversational encounters.

Watch the webinar, read the blogs and browse the videos below. Through it all, you will discover how conversational evangelism can be a blessing to you as you learn how to actively pursue someone in hopes that they will place their trust in Christ.

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Conversational Evangelism | 30-Minute Webinar

What are the key components to conversational evangelism? How can I engage with someone in a loving way that begins building a bridge toward Jesus via conversations? We discuss this and much more in our 30-minute webinar on conversational evangelism!

Articles on Sharing the Gospel through Conversations

Man listening to other man share the gospel

The 80/20 Rule of Evangelism

Evangelism isn’t only about what you say or how much you say. How attentively you listen can pave the way to communicate the gospel message in a profound manner. It is God’s careful love and attention, expressed through you, that draws people closer to His heart.

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Two people sitting drinking Coffee

Five Marks of Conversational Evangelism

We use conversation throughout our entire day to communicate with others. Learn five traits to help us use our words for winsome conversations about Jesus. These five traits will help you move everyday conversations toward things of deeper meaning and ultimately toward the gospel!

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Women in a circle praying and discussing evangelism

How we Turned Evangelism into a Burden

It’s easy to be focused on how to present the gospel, we completely overlook the conversations that lead to the gospel. Learn how to overcome this dilemma and have intentional gospel conversations that point towards who Christ is.

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Videos on Conversational Evangelism