Our Impact

Testimonies of Impact

Discover the transformative impact of our trainings and materials as individuals share their empowering stories in this testimony video. This is an inspiring testament to the work God is doing through the ministry and in the lives of believers who are sharing the gospel across the globe because of EvanTell’s trainings and materials.

EvanTell’s mission is for more people to hear the gospel in more places every day. For the past 50 years, God has been working through the ministry of EvanTell to provide critical gospel resources and training to thousands of people across 25 countries and in more than 60 languages. Below are brief summaries of the various regions we’re able to reach as well as the impact we’re seeing. Check back often to see new updates added!

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EvanTell's Work in the United States

EvanTell’s network of certified trainers are equipping hundreds in evangelism across the United States every year in churches, ministries, and pregnancy resource centers. In addition, Dr. Moyer continues to hold outreaches, Wild Game Feasts, and special evangelism events across the nation. Certified trainers on staff at EvanTell Headquarters in Dallas, TX routinely hold evangelism trainings in and around the Dallas-Fort Worth area as well. Finally, the majority of visits to EvanTell’s website and online trainings come from the United States. Hundreds are trained, equipped, and encouraged through these online resources.

Point of Impact

An estimated 30,000 people will be reached with the gospel over the next year through the multiple avenues EvanTell is reaching out in the United States!

“EvanTell is the best at what they do – proclaiming the gospel and training others to share the gospel biblically and clearly!” – Dave Bunnel

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EvanTell's Work in Latin America

EvanTell’s international team is equipping believers from Mexico as well as Central and South America – people of all ages – to boldly share their faith in areas where secularism has been on a rapid rise. The ministry is having trouble keeping up with non-stop requests from churches in multiple regions who are desperate to be trained in the gospel so they can reach these neighborhoods for Christ! Additionally, EvanTell’s Hispanic Ministry continues to grow its online presence, resources, and trainings to reach thousands of people online (www.EvanTellEspanol.org).

Point of Impact

More than 125,000 gospel presentations have been facilitated – many of these are happening in inaccessible regions and in some of the darkest places of Latin America, where the need for the gospel is the greatest.

“For many years, I thought that first I had to change before I could approach God. How wrong I was! Today I have understood that the only thing I need to do is trust Christ for His salvation! That gives me peace!” – Heber Alejandro Lopez, Villegas, Leon Mexico

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EvanTell's Work in East Africa

EvanTell partners have unique access to public schools in 8 countries across the region. The gospel is shared with thousands of children each year, many of whom are Muslim. We are also able to reach deep into refugee camps with the power of the gospel.

Point of Impact

Through the concentrated effort of 48 staff members and volunteers, the gospel was shared with students and staff in 322 Primary Schools and 87 High Schools in 2023. More than 57,339 children and youth made commitments to trust Christ as Savior!

“In one Muslim country, we were allowed to share in a school where a Muslim girl timidly asked how she could talk to God. After much conversation, she trusted Christ as her Lord and Savior!” – Beth Baleke, Missionary Partner, Easy Africa

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EvanTell's Work in Eastern Europe

EvanTell is working with various partners to reach thousands of immigrants and refugees in Eastern Europe.

Point of Impact

EvanTell is supplying gospel booklets in various languages to share the gospel with the refugees, both children and adults.  This includes refugee camps in Western Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, and Romania.

The refugee outreach is a part of a EvanTell’s larger work in Eastern Europe in partnership with Jo Hir (Good News) Ministries training believers and distributing gospel literature since 2006.

“We traveled again to the Ukraine from Hungary, specifically to a Gypsy ghetto, Beregovo, bringing two vans and a trailer load of gospel literature, clothes, food, and other miscellaneous needed items. This place has a capacity of 500 people…there are currently about 5000 people living there. We were blessed by God to do a two-hour gospel evangelism program and share the gospel with many. The presentation and literature were in English, Hungarian, Ukrainian, and Russian. Please pray for the seed sown!” – Paul Meehan, Director of Jo Hir Ministries

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EvanTell's Work in China and Southeast Asia

EvanTell is training thousands of believers to share the gospel and equipping them with outreach and follow-up resources to reach millions of people in five different languages.

Leaders are sharing the gospel in often overlooked and forgotten places, including work camps, prisons, and impoverished areas.

Point of Impact

EvanTell partners facilitated a minimum of 400,000 presentations of the gospel in 2023.

“Recently, we distributed relief goods and had the opportunity to share the gospel with many people. More than a hundred believed on the Lord for eternal life!”    Pastor Joey Casas, the Philippines