Gospel Tracts

A clear and simple way to share the gospel

What is a Gospel Tract?

A gospel tract is a small pamphlet designed to explain the gospel clearly and simply. They work best as a supplemental guide when a conversation has led to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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How do You Use a Gospel Tract?

Tract evangelism can be an extremely effective way of communicating the gospel. Three things are very important to keep in mind: Prayer, permission, and personality. First, pray before, pray during your conversation, and pray afterward. Second, ensure you have permission to share. Forcing a tract on someone is not recommended. Starting with “May I share something with you that is of the most importance to me?” can be very helpful. Third, have a winsome personality. With kindness and respect, go step by step through the tract, stopping frequently to ask if there are any questions. Also, having them repeat Bible verses as you quote them helps ensure their undivided attention. 

Why EvanTell Tracts are Unique

EvanTell tracts use a bad news / good news method for explaining the truth of the gospel. This helps the listener/reader clearly understand that we are all sinners, and the penalty of sin is death (bad news) – and that while were still sinners, Christ died for us so that we can be saved simply by trusting in Him alone (good news). Each part of the bad news and good news states the related Bible verse and provides an illustration that makes the point even clearer.  For example, to illustrate “trusting in Christ”,  a chair is used to help the listener/reader understand that just as we rely on a chair to hold us up through no effort of our own, so we too must fully trust in Christ, relying on no works of our own for salvation.

EvanTell Gospel Tracts and Resources

Gospel Tracts

Browse the most popular varities of our May I Ask You A Question? tracts. Popular themes include restaraunts, sports, lifestyles and more. As mentioned above these contain the “bad news, good news” presentation of the gospel. This collection also contains other tracts that you can use to help friends and loved ones understand their need for the only gospel that saves. 

Gospel-Centered Books

Browse our collection of books designed to help you share the gospel and grow in your faith. Whether you’re mission field is in the workplace, your home, among your family or even within the church, there is a book designed to help you reach others for Christ and help them to grow in their daily walk with him. These make for great gifts for pastors as well!

Kids Tracts & Resources

Browse our wide variety of resources for both reaching children with the gospel and training them how to share the gospel with their friends and families. It is a beautiful sight to see a child cross the line of faith into the family of God. And what a precious moment it is when they are equipped to share the soul-saving message of Jesus with others!