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Evantell’s online training will prepare you to share the gospel with confidence and clarity with friends, family, coworkers, and kids. Each training is packed with helpful resources and backed by an interactive, hands-on format. 

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View our library of evangelism training webinars to find guidance and tactics across a vast array of topics. You’ll find timely evangelism-focused content on everything from reaching relatives, addressing cancel culture, and facing spiritual warfare, to speaking with those from other religions, and simply sharing your faith more effectively. View all webinars.

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Apologetics and Evangelism

Apologetics is meant to work alongside evangelism to point people to Christ. Unfortunately, many pursue apologetics today to simply win arguments or sound more informed. In this course, we take you back to the original purpose of apologetics and show you how to use the principles of apologetics to enhance your witness for Christ! After our seven sessions together, you’ll come away with a better understanding of apologetics and clear action steps for your next pre-evangelism and post-evangelism conversations (along with a host of incredible resources)!

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You Can Tell It!

Learn how simple it can be to lead people to and through the gospel! You Can Tell It! teaches you the most essential components to evangelism, including: how to navigate conversations toward spiritual things; how to transition to the gospel; and how to reach specific people like family members and those from other religions. The training includes role plays, interactive elements, and bonus resources, including a digital workbook you can complete alongside the course to ensure you understand and master all the concepts. Check it out today!

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Reaching Religious People with the Gospel

Speaking to people from other religious about the gospel is much simpler than many make it out to be. If you’re looking to feel more confident in having gospel conversations with someone for another religion, this course is designed for you! In addition to great teaching content, you’ll get an abundance of resources, including key verses to have in mind, what other religions teach about Jesus and salvation (with citations from their own works), conversation guides for other religions, and more!

Sword and Bible representing spiritual warfare and evangelism

Spiritual Warfare and Evangelism

Spiritual Warfare can often by a mysterious subject for Christians. What does warfare look like? How does our enemy attack? How do I make use of the armor of God? In this course, we’ll carefully unpack the armor of God and walk though how you can be well equipped to recognize warfare and then stand firm against the schemes of our enemy. At the end of our time together, you will have a full understanding of our enemy, a heightened sensitivity to warfare in your life, and a wider array of tools to defend against our enemy’s schemes as you seek to impact others with the gospel!

Prayer and Evangelism: How to Ignite Evangelism through Prayer

During our five sessions together, learn how evangelism is more than having conversations with others, but rather a proactive way to increase intimacy with God and reach others for His kingdom. Discover how to keep evangelism prioritized in prayer and learn the most essential things to pray for as you seek to reach others for Christ. 

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Discipleship 101: Discipling New Believers

This seven session training package equips you with the basics of how to disciple and care for someone who has recently accepted Christ. Take the full course and receive great additional resources like a downloadable prayer guide and more!

Two men sharing coffee over evangelistic disucssion

ACT Personal Evangelism Training

This four session training package equips you with the basics of personal evangelism, preparing you to share the gospel clearly and simply whenever the opportunity arises. Each session lasts only 20 minutes and includes interactive exercises to help you along.

Interior of workplace

Working with the Gospel

We spend more time with our coworkers than we often do with our own families. Our relationships at work are some of the most important ones we form. Yet, sharing the gospel with these friends can be difficult and there are many practical obstacles to consider. This course walks you through the common challenges and prepares you to take those first steps.

Man working in disaster recovery

Evangelism in Disaster and Victim Relief

Natural disasters cost billions of dollars every year and upend lives all over the world. In the midst of the pain and recovery, many people are looking for hope. This is a critical time to share the gospel with them. This online course walks you through the process of sharing the gospel with victims and survivors, along with the considerations that must be factored in.

Pastor preaching from pulpit

You Can Preach It!

Focusing on the development of public speaking skills, how to effectively deliver a clear and compelling message, and how to craft an evangelistic sermon that appeals to unbelievers, You Can Preach It! is helpful for anyone who has the opportunity to speak to a group of non-Christians and for everyone who speaks publicly.

married couple holding child

Save the Mother Save Her Child

This course provides forty minutes of training, including videos of evangelism in a Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC). In this training you’ll also have access to a downloadable workbook and Witnesses to the Life, a spiritual preparation for ministry in a PRC. The course will greatly benefit anyone working in a PRC environment who is looking to present the gospel clearly and simply while ministering to women in need.

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Seedlings Child Evangelism Training

Leading kids to Christ is a special privilege. People who come to Jesus as children enjoy a lifelong spiritual foundation. This course prepares you for the important task of raising them up.

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