EvanTell trains pregnancy center staff and volunteers in the U.S. and around the world to share the hope of the gospel in a grace-filled, clear, and biblically accurate way with women and men facing unexpected pregnancy. Through our Save the Mother, Save her Child® ministry (SMSC), thousands of young adults trust Christ.



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EvanTell’s online evangelism training features clear and simple training.

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Instructions: We’ve provided special resources for you that you can download for use with SMSC Online Training. When you open the SMSC course, following the Course Navigation, click on the “list” icon in the upper right corner next to the EvanTell logo. You’ll see two tabs – one is the drop down menu with the Course Outline, and the other is the drop down menu containing a complete set of the Course Sessions – the Student Workbook. You can download the workbook for each Session of the course – absolutely free. Please do that, so you can follow along and make notes as you like. Below Session 4 on the menu are connections to some additional resources available from the EvanTell store which can broaden your understanding and provide excellent discipleship for you.

Looking Ahead

Where We've Been...

SMSC 2008–2019

Our years of evangelism training revealed that faith-based pregnancy centers desired more training from EvanTell.

EvanTell's Mary Margaret Gibson became the Save the mother, Save her Child ® (SMSC) Ministry Director in early 2008 and went to work on the challenge.

A team of pregnancy center experts helped Mary Margaret develop and write the first SMSC center-specific conversational evangelism curriculum to bolt onto EvanTell's proven You Can Tell it! training. EvanTell staff also wrote specialized SMSC gospel booklets as we prepared to launch our SMSC ministry.

We introduced SMSC at the Care Net National Conference in Atlanta in August 2008. 

The response:

"Centers began enrolling for training on the first day! EvanTell made SMSC training available online by 2010, so centers could take training, free, anywhere, any time. And they did! We are all running along behind the Lord! It's great!” 


Leading national and worldwide faith-based life ministries endorsed SMSC curriculum and materials for their affiliated PRCs. This recognition of EvanTell's value enabled our network of trained centers to grow quickly around the world.

Our SMSC Master Instructors have trained center-based SMSC Certified Instructors to conduct in-person training in U.S. and international centers.

So far, the Lord has used SMSC to teach over 700 PRC organizations (many of which have multiple centers) in the U.S. and 43 locations around the world. Thousands of individual workers receive training online and through national conferences. In addition, trained centers report that they have shared the gospel approximately 1.3 million times since we launched our online training in 2009.

Where We're Going...

SMSC Digital Delivery

EvanTell continues to innovate in evangelism training “without boundaries” by providing SMSC web conferences and webinars, tutorials via web conference call, digital copies of presentations (available free), a focused PRC curriculum with specialized tools, and national and international conference presentations.

We’re headed wherever EvanTell is headed. Through partnerships with churches around the world, it is our hope that our international brothers and sisters who love the gospel, and love life, will take EvanTell’s SMSC training to mothers and fathers everywhere.

Authentic Life

Reach the upcoming generations in churches and pregnancy centers using Authentic Life! Please click below to learn more about Authentic Life, our fast-spreading curriculum to help churches, and mercy ministries everywhere communicate heart-to-heart with Millennial and Generation Z young people. By focusing on the Core Needs of people everywhere, churches and ministries can use Authentic Life techniques to reach anyone with the gospel and healthy decision-making for their future.

Visit the Authentic Life page to learn more!

Download the Authentic Life Explanation and Data Sheet

Prayer Power Ministries

Serving in ministry puts you on the front lines of spiritual conflict. We've partnered with PrayerPower Ministries to provide free resources that will help you to "be strong in the the Lord and His mighty power."

To learn more or download featured resources, go to: The Gift of Prayer


We are delighted to partner with several ministry leaders, including: Care Net, Heartbeat International, Life International, ICU Mobile (mobile pregnancy centers), Beautiful Feet International, and PrayerPower Ministries (creator of The Gift of Prayer, an online site offering free prayer resources for SMSC centers).

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