You Can Share It!

Learn how to share the gospel!

Your church congregation wants to share their faith, but they often don’t know where to start. You Can Share It! is a single Sunday morning event that will get your congregation excited about the idea of sharing their faith.

They Can Share It. We’ll Show Them How.

For 47 years, EvanTell trainers have been preparing Christians to share their faith with confidence, clarity, and kindness. You Can Share It! gets Christians excited about the idea of sharing the gospel – shifting evangelism from a fear-based “have to” to a grace-based “get to”. If you’re ready to see your congregation engage the community with a passion to share the gospel, this event is for your church.  

How You Can Share It! Works

A Service to excite

During Sunday morning service(s), renowned evangelist Dr. Larry Moyer  will give an expository message from scripture. The sermon is a little different each time, but the end result is always the same – the congregation is energized to share God’s Word and excited about how simple it can be.

We are grateful that Larry continues to equip people to share the gospel boldly and with grace—something all devoted followers of Christ should be serious about improving their ability to do. Larry can help you learn his proven method that will give you confidence to share your faith effectively

Todd Wagner

Lead Pastor , Watermark Community Church, Dallas

Dr. Moyer teaches with doctrinal clarity, biblical precision, contagious passion, pastoral sensitivity, and disarming winsomeness—all of which are needed in the evangelical church today. His modelling of the balance between patient dependance on God and sincere urgency in gospel proclamation is something from which all Christians can benefit from learning.

Josiah Boyd

Pastor, Oakridge Bible Chapel, Ontario

A Seminar to equip

Immediately after the service(s), we host a one-hour seminar titled, “What’s So Scary about Evangelism and How do You Overcome Those Fears?” We address the four most common fears in evangelism and how to overcome them. Handouts are provided for people to follow along and to take home to review on their own.

Larry’s preaching was energizing and motivating to the congregation in the area of evangelism. His preaching and training sessions were just what we needed to reignite our passion for evangelism. His is a real blessing to the Kingdom of God and we thank God for him and his passion for the spreading of the gospel

Marshal L. Ausberry

Lead Pastor, Antioch Baptist Church, VA

We were honored to host Dr. Larry Moyer from EvanTell for You Can Share It! He clearly articulated the Gospel to our congregation. His methods removed the guilt and shame for those who are building their confidence in evangelism. The Sunday evening training sessions were practical and easy to understand. We all left feeling equipped to share the Gospel and lead someone across the finish line of faith

Gordon DeWitt

Associate Pastor of Ministry, Neighborhood Church, CA

A lunch to inspire

After the seminar, we meet with church leaders over lunch to discuss: How to keep evangelism momentum going; how to follow up with church members; how to keep evangelism as a priority. We’ll also discuss if “You Can Tell It!” a more comprehensive training experience, would be a good fit for your church. 

Sagemont Church had the privilege of hosting You Can Share It! with Dr. Larry Moyer. Larry did a fabulous job of training our congregation on how to share their faith. His energy, enthusiasm, and humor captivated our members, and his passion for lost souls resonated with our people. The Sagemont family learned how to embrace a method of sharing their faith that was both simple and effective. I can assure you that Larry’s “Bad News, Good News” approach is a superior tool in the hands of the average layman. I heartily recommend Larry to your church.

Chuck Schneider

Interim Senior Pastor, Sagemont Church, Houston

The purpose of this one day event is to “excite and equip” for personal evangelism. Dr. Moyer delivered! We believe that You Can Share It! will ignite personal evangelism, motivate further training, and stimulate outreach events in our ministry. Thank you Evantell and Dr. Moyer for keeping the gospel and your training clear and simple!

Jeff Barbieri

Lead Pastor, Mountain View Bible Church, PA

2022-23 You Can Share It! Events


Shiloh Baptist Church
Rossville, GA


Memorial Heights Baptist Church
Cumberland, MD


Bethel Baptist Church
Wildwood, GA