5 Gospel Truths for Kids

by Jan 13, 2017Children

One way to teach our children the importance of the gospel is through highlighting gospel centered verses—this may be through Scripture memory or simply studying key verses together as a family.

The word gospel means “good news.” Each of the 4 gospel accounts is prefaced by the phrase “the gospel according to…” (Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John), and the accounts tell us about the good news of Jesus.

Here are a few verses focused on the good news of salvation to get you started:

Defining the Gospel Message— Read 1 Corinthians 15:3–5 and pay attention to the four key verbs (died, buried, raised, appeared). Simply put, the gospel message of salvation = Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead.

Sharing the gospel with one verse— Use John 3:16 to share the gospel focusing on three things: (1) God’s love, (2) God’s gift, and (3) God’s offer of salvation.

Talking about Jesus’ Purpose in Coming to earth— Read Mark 10:45 and discuss how Jesus came to give his life as a ransom (“the full payment for our sin”).

Remembering God’s love for us— Read Romans 5:8 and note how Christ died for us when were deep in sins. Be encouraged that God’s love for us has nothing to do with our own merit. We don’t earn His favor; He gives it freely.

Reflecting on the Hope of the Gospel— Read verses such as Romans 8:1 and 1 Peter 1:3. Reflect on how there is no longer any condemnation for believers for we are born again into a living hope.