EvanTell’s certified evangelism instructors are experts at live evangelism training and are located across the United States and around the world. Our instructors will teach you how to share the gospel with clarity and confidence. You will come away feeling prepared and excited to share your faith with anyone. We have decades of experience in equipping teams and individuals at churches, ministries, and workplaces with evangelism training that moves people from unprepared to unstoppable in their evangelism journey.  

EvanTell Training teaches you and your team to share the gospel clearly and simply with anyone, anywhere. It is perfect for Sunday schools, small groups, mission trip preparation, prison ministries, outreach teams, pastoral training, and more.

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Topics include:

  • How to present the gospel
  • Overcoming fear in evangelism
  • Turning a conversation to spiritual things
  • How do you help a new Christian?
  • Reaching your relatives
  • Child evangelism
  • and more!

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Do you have a passion for sharing Christ? Are you a good communicator?

Consider becoming a Certified EvanTell Instructor. Our one day training will prepare you to equip others to share the gospel clearly and simply—in their daily lives or ministries.

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