No Coincidences: Alec Kindred’s Story

by Oct 4, 2019Stories

After he won a copy of our Evangelism Study Bible in a Facebook drawing, we learned some awesome facts about Alec Kindred – and realized it wasn’t a coincidence that this was drawn for him. We asked him to share some of his story with us below. We thank you’ll be as big of a fan of Alec after you read it as we were when we received it.

My name is Alec Kindred. I was born and raised here in Maine. As a young child in a Pastor’s home, I grew fond of serving the Lord at a young age. I received Christ as my Savior at a very early age, but I knew exactly what it meant to be a Child of God. As the years progressed in my teens I played a-lot of baseball which is really what I grew to worship. One day in 10th grade the Lord made it evident to me through a tragic event on the baseball diamond, that He had other plans for my life. 

Shortly after that event a local Missionary Pilot took me on my first airplane ride to a small island off the coast of Maine, where we ministered to the people and were able to be back in time for dinner. That little island now has a Bible preaching local church due to that first flight. As time went on I grew to the liking of what Mission Aviation could offer to our region, and where ever the Lord led my family in the future. Fast forward a few years, married, a father of 1 boy (now 2), we felt led to take a very hard step and go into uncharted territory as a family, out of the norm and our comfort zone. We were unsure at the time what the Lord had in store, and it was a critical time within our little family both physically and spiritually.

I have had a burden to start a ministry called Propelling the Gospel Missions Inc since 11th grade, and I prayed for many years that the Lord would provide a way for that to happen. Keep in Mind, Maine is the least churched state per capita, even worse than Alaska. In 2017 Propelling the Gospel Missions Inc officially was started, with 5 board-members, all members of our local church, no airplane and certainly no finances. Our model was simply to be willing. As time went on the Lord provided funding this various unlikely people from all around across the world who gave toward our burden. Since then we have been able to purchase an airplane, host monthly hangar Bible nights, undergo outreach mission flights to rural areas of New England, proclaiming the Gospel, encouraging small churches and Pastors to continue, and still being able to be involved with our local church, all in the same day. We have seen the Lord show up in small ways, but also huge. At times our staff has felt like we cant get the seat belts on fast enough before the Lord provides a way or opens another door.

The reality is, no one here at PTG Missions is full time, everyone works day jobs. I believe the Lord may change that in the future but I’ll let Him work that out. Aviation has become a great tool to what our ministry does, but it does not save souls. As our ministry has developed it has become extremely clear to me that the Lord wants PTG Missions to continue here in our region. One major aspect I personally felt I was lacking was sufficient amount of Bible training. I believe that based on Colossians 4:5-6 we do have to be able to provide an answer and there are many more passages that back that burden up. 

At the beginning of this year I started a Bachelor’s of Theology degree program (online) at South African Theological Seminary, and the equipping has been incredible. My pastor recommended that as I preach more often it would be a great help to take all of the EvanTell online courses, and I can honestly say, it was a huge aid in what our ministry is all about, sharing the Gospel clearly, completely, and concisely.

It has become evident that the Lord is calling me to preach the Word, whether that be Pastoral Missional ministry, I’m following Him as He leads. There are multiple islands off the coast of Maine and New Hampshire, that for the majority, have no Bible Preaching Church established. Using aviation we can be there in 15-20 minutes by air, rather than 2-4 hour drive and ferry trip. I am so encouraged and thankful to receive this wonderful gift (The Evangelism Study Bible) from EvanTell. I have been looking into this exact study Bible for about 3 months now. EvanTell has a special place in my heart, as well as my study wall, where my EvanTell certificates hang currently.

Thank you for this great encouragement and study tool to aid in the ministry here in New England as we continue to Propel the Gospel.