EvanTell’s online evangelism training will show you how to share the gospel with confidence and clarity. Personal evangelism, children’s evangelism, and workplace evangelism are all available in an interactive format with helpful resources to download. The training and resources are FREE!

The training provided to individuals, churches, organizations, and ministries is based on more than 47 years of evangelism experience. You can trust us to help you communicate a proven, faith-based gospel message that’s easy to understand and easy to use in any conversation anywhere.

For all training sessions, you'll simply need to create a login, select your training, and get started - it's as simple as that! So browse the evangelism training resources below and dive in! If you have questions at any time, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. 

Personal Evangelism


act_button.png Our four evangelism training sessions in personal evangelism will equip you to share the gospel clearly and simply whenever the opportunity arises. Each session lasts 20 minutes and includes animation, narration, and video, as well as interactive exercises.


Seedlings Child Evangelism


seedlings_button.png It’s a special privilege to lead a child to Christ. People who come to Christ as children have the blessing of living their whole lives with the joy and peace of knowing Him – as well as influencing hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of others over the course of their lifetimes.


Save the Mother, Save her Child Training


smsc_button.png Save the Mother, Save her Child’s evangelism training is customized evangelism training for the pregnancy care center environment. This course demonstrates how to share the gospel clearly and simply with easy-to-understand language and illustrations that you can adapt to a client’s situation.


The philosophy behind the Save the Mother, Save her Child training is that a consistent, clear gospel message should be presented at every step where a client and/or family might engage with staff and volunteers in a pregnancy care center. As a client moves through relationships with counselors, nurses, and staff, she should hear a consistent, clear, simple gospel in a client-oriented, conversational way.

Working with the Gospel


working_button.png Learn how you can appropriately, legally, and effectively share your faith with those who you probably see most often—your colleagues and co-workers.



Evangelism in Disaster and Victim Relief


disaster-relief_button.png Serving in Disaster or Victim Relief presents a unique and challenging opportunity for the gospel. It is vitally important that anyone responding to those who have experienced trauma understand the sensitive nature of evangelism in such a situation. Avoiding inappropriate timing, issues of manipulation and other pitfalls are key issues that every disaster or victim relief volunteer should receive training in. Additionally, you can know how to answer the question “why are you here?” when someone you are assisting asks you. EvanTell’s Evangelism in Disaster & Victim Relief training will equip you with a clear and simple way to share the gospel in the midst of tragedy with sensitivity and tact.


You Can Preach It


ycpit_button_165x169.png Focusing on the development of public speaking skills, how to effectively deliver a clear and compelling message, and how to craft an evangelistic sermon that appeals to unbelievers, You Can Preach It! is helpful for anyone who has the opportunity to speak to a group of non-Christians and for everyone who speaks publicly.