Testimony Evangelism

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Can a testimony be about more than just the moment I trusted in Christ? What if my story isn’t as powerful as others? How do I share my testimony to glorify the kingdom of God?

Browse our resources to learn the answers to these questions and equip yourself with a new perspective of testimonial evangelism. Your story is His story, be a witness so that others can see how the gospel intertwines in your testimony.

Watch the webinar, read the blogs and browse the videos below. Through it all, you will discover how your story is a unique tool gifted by God to connect with others, highlight Him, and share the story of the gospel.

Testimony Evangelism 30-Minute Webinar

Equip yourself with a new perspective of testimonial evangelism. In this webinar, we discuss how you can use your testimony in ways you haven’t considered to impact others for Christ!

Articles on Sharing Your Testimony as God’s Story

witness at court holding the Bible

Empowered Witnesses

While the term “witness” can be used as something that we do, Scripture uses this word as something that we are. Learn more about what it means to witness to others.

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testimony highlighted in pink marker

“My Testimony Isn’t A Big Deal…”

Well, yes it is! Many people disqualify their testimony and believe it’s not worth sharing. However, just because you came to Christ at a young age or just because the gospel story has always seemed to make sense to you does not mean your story is small or less powerful.

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paper clip holding paper that says what is your story

Do I Have a Testimony?

What does it mean to share my testimony as a Christian? Learn how to turn the truths and experiences of Christ into testimonies that lead toward gospel conversations.

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Vidoes on Testimony Evangelism