Training in Myanmar and China | 2019 Report

by Dec 13, 2019Evangelism Training, Stories, Updates

The current political situation in China has made it difficult for the churches and pastors. It is now illegal for groups of more than 15 to assemble without permission from the government. Also, persecution is rapidly increasing in the form of fines, withdrawn privileges, and even time in prison.

The good news is that EvanTell’s focus on training believers to share the gospel one on one and in small groups works extremely well in this environment.  

We shared the gospel house to house in villages that had no church and my team prayed for me. Ten people who formerly worshiped other spirits accepted Christ as their Savior. And many who thought they were Christians truly found salvation because they were now knowing that it was by grace and not by works. Even some pastors discovered they weren’t truly born again because they were depending on their works for salvation.

EvanTell-trained missionary

Persecution is still heavy…

Report from EvanTell-trained Christians: “Several believers, along with a local pastor, went into a monastery, shared the gospel and gave out tracts to many male and female monks. Someone reported this to the government authorities and they were  called into court. They could face jail time for this. Please pray that the Lord will be with them and whatever they speak in court would be with power from the Lord.

It is very dangerous right now to share the gospel and give out tracts in many cities in Burma and China. Although they seem to have more freedom economically, the believers are being persecuted even more than before so they really need our prayers.”

…But good news prevails

The accomplishments in these regions cannot be overstated:

  • EvanTell evangelism trainers typically equip about 5,000 people per year who reach adults, youth, and children.
  • Since 2018, more than 100 leaders in China have certified as evangelism trainers
  • The training in both Myanmar and China and the recent bulk printing and distribution of gospel booklets, personal evangelism and leaders training materials, and follow-up books result in:
    • 900,000 presentations of the gospel
    • 5,000 plus trainings in evangelism
    • 20,000 books printed and distributed for follow-up

Please continue to pray for successful trainings and for the gospel to spread exponentially in these regions!