Why Evangelism Resolutions Fail

by Jan 15, 2024Christian Living

Christians around the world will pursue resolutions to share their faith abundantly this year. They’ll read how-to books, memorize gospel presentations, watch videos of evangelists in action and more. The problem is these are all supplements to an evangelistic mindset. Just as with our physical health, supplements are meant for support. Physical supplements (vitamins, etc.) enhance (but do not replace) healthy rhythms (diet and exercise) for physical health. Similarly, evangelistic supplements (training, how-to) enhance (but do not replace) healthy rhythms (time with God, time with people) for effective evangelism. This provokes an interesting question.

Before we begin to pursue supplements, what kinds of rhythms put us in the best position to have an evangelistic mindset? If this question isn’t addressed, then any supplement used to spur on a resolution will ultimately fail.

The Kind of Company We Keep with God

There are many expressions to convey the basic truth that we reflect the company we keep. But it is more than just who is around us. It also relates to how we spend time with those around us. After all, surrounding ourselves with wise counsellors is fairly meaningless if we never seek them for counsel. Nowhere is this truer than the kind of company we keep with our Heavenly Father. He has sought us; He has saved us; He surrounds us. But how do we seek Him in return? How would you describe the rhythm of the company you keep with God?

A consistent, meaningful time of daily prayer and meditation on God’s word is simply an essential component for forming a natural rhythm of evangelism in our lives. He is always the One who has the strongest desire to save. He is the One who is supernaturally compassionate, gracious, and patient with those who do not know Him. When we are deeply connected to Him, His concern for others begins to become our concern for others. We also begin to reflect His attributes of compassion, grace, and patience with nonbelievers in our areas of influence – all of which are very much essential to evangelism.

Looking to establish a rhythm of evangelism? It starts with keeping good company with God. And it continues with keeping good company with others.

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The Kind of Company we Keep with Others

God did not send you into all the world. He places you in strategic places throughout your life to be on mission for Him. This includes the neighborhood, workplace, and community you move within each day. Instead of getting overwhelmed with the broad scope of the Great Commissions in scripture, start where you are.

What do you know about your neighbors? What about your co-workers? How well do you know the cashiers you repeatedly interact with at the grocery store? These questions are all version of “what kind of company are you keeping with others?” Intentional connection with others is fundamental to establishing a natural rhythm of evangelism. Being intentional is the key, and it is perhaps harder to do so today than in any other time in recent history.

We live in a society that promotes and thrives on isolation. Communication, information, entertainment, inspiration and the sharing of experiences are all available instantly inside the rectangles within our pockets. We can do it all without ever making an actual connection with anyone. This is a massive roadblock to establishing a rhythm of evangelism in your life. No amount of trainings, books, webinars, or inspirational sermons will be of any help if you’re not pursuing face-to-face connection with others. I would say that the people within your sphere of influence need to see four key things from you if evangelism is going to occur naturally.  


Not the hand-wave from across the street or the occasional “nice day today” comment. They need your presence. Get to know some things about who they are, where they’re from, and some basic information about their family. As you do so, you’ll naturally find points of connection and conversation.


Pray in earnest for all those in your sphere of influence, and let them know you are praying for them. Nothing could be more important than consistently lifting their needs in prayer, asking the Lord to make Himself known to them, and beseeching Him for opportunities to share the gospel.


Those in your area of influence need your patience. Because of our culture’s love and celebration of isolation and our cancel culture mentality, they may be skeptical of kind gestures. They may be slow to respond to invites. It may take time for them to warm up to you. Patience, a fruit of the Spirit, is needed in spades here.

Passion for Christ

Ultimately, people need to see why you are the way you are. Let your neighbors know you are praying for them. Ask if you can pray over them as well. We’ve never had anyone turn us down. If you know they are sick, ask if you can provide a meal. When a holiday is near, put together some simple baked goods. But in all of this, make sure they know this comes as an overflow of the love you have for the Lord.

Evangelism isn’t simply something you do. It is an overflow of worship. This is why consistent connection with God is so important. When you spend meaningful time with Him in prayer and in study of His word, you begin to become what you behold. You very naturally become a lightning rod for His message of grace and salvation because you are full of His Spirit.

Evangelism also isn’t simply tossed at people. It is directed by the Lord through opportunities that He opens as you seek to intentionally build meaningful relationships with others. As you provide your presence, offer your prayers for and over others, demonstrate patience, and let others know of your passion for Christ, the Lord will open doors and provide all you need to walk them through the gospel as you lean on Him.

Why not read through this again, take a couple of notes that can bring these principles to life for you, and get your evangelism resolution to stick this year. Not by only surrounding yourself with supplements, but by simply establishing the kind of rhythms where evangelism naturally pours forth as you live for God and others.